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East Netherlands semicon and integrated photonics

East Netherlands is a region with a strong concentration of innovative and knowledge intensive SME companies, a high degree of cooperation between the universities and these companies and a close cooperation between the companies themselves. Short lines of communication and an entrepreneurial spirit guarantee a high rate of innovation, crossovers and collaboration. Moreover, these SMEs are often still in Dutch or European hands; an important advantage in the pursuit of more mutual dependencies between the continents in the chip industry.


Nijmegen, situated in East Netherlands, has evolved into a prominent hub for semiconductor and RF (Radio Frequency) technology, fostering a dynamic ecosystem that attracts global attention. At its core, the semiconductor cluster in Nijmegen is characterized by industry leaders like NXP Semiconductors, renowned for its innovative solutions in automotive and IoT applications. Collaborative efforts extend to institutions such as Imec, an international research and development center, where pioneering work is conducted to advance semiconductor technologies. This cluster also features significant players like Ampleon, specializing in RF power, and Nexperia, a key contributor to the semiconductor components landscape.

The RF technology sector in Nijmegen adds another layer of sophistication to the ecosystem. With a focus on radio frequency applications, this cluster is instrumental in shaping advancements in wireless communication, radar systems, and satellite communication. The integration of RF components into semiconductor devices further solidifies Nijmegen's position as a comprehensive technological hub. The city's ecosystem thrives on collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the presence of leading industry players, making Nijmegen an attractive investment destination for companies seeking to capitalize on the rich tapestry of semiconductor and RF technologies.

Companies already based here, such as CITC, Mini-Circuits and Odyssey.


Overview of semiconductor companies and organizations in the Nijmegen region Semicon Lifeport - Lifeport


Twente is on the national and international map as a hotspot for semicon and specifically for analogue chip design, photonics and as an important supplier to ASML. With a strong Integrated Circuit Design department at the University of Twente headed by Professor Bram Nauta, the MESA+ institute and around 50 semiconductor-related SMEs, such as LioniX International, PHIX, QuiX Quantum, customers worldwide benefit from the unique knowledge of Twente. These companies have one thing in common: they all work closely with the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, which have a long and impressive history and a strong international scientific track record in the fields of electrical engineering, microelectronics, nanotechnology, photonics, quantum technology and microfluidics.

ChipTech Twente ecosystem

New Origin

New Origin's state-of-the-art production process for silicon nitride photonic chips is rooted in unparalleled precision and dedication. We manufacture chips that push the boundaries of what's possible, laying the foundation for the next wave of technological breakthroughs. 

But we are already looking further. The future of chips does not lie in electronic or photonic chips but in the integration of systems. We have all the key technologies in-house: from analogue mixed signal and RF design, photonics, quantum photonics, microfluidics, materials, thin film application and advanced manufacturing. It is precisely this combination of all these technologies that is needed to not only design heterogeneous chips, but also to build the machines to produce them. Within the next few years, we aim for a Pure Play Foundry for pilot manufacturing for heterogeneous chips, with an ambition to grow towards large-scale production. The first step for that is a commercial foundry based on Silicon Nitride. We expect to be fully operational in the early months of 2025. In the meantime, researchers and companies continue to produce their photonic chips in the cleanroom of the MESA+ Nanolab.

New Origin doesn't just stop at our own production. We extend shared facilities to other foundries, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flourish, and innovation is nurtured.

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