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To safeguard the health of both people and the planet, we need to recognize the interconnectedness of ecological, social, and economic systems and take collective action to ensure a healthier and more sustainable world for generations to come. The TechMed Event, which will take place in Twente on 1 November 2023, covers the rapid advancements in technology for a healthy future. While healthcare endeavors to improve people's health, it also accounts for 7% of CO2 emissions, 4% of waste, and 13% of resource consumption in the Netherlands. Additionally, climate change has significant implications for our well-being, including heat-related illnesses, vector-borne diseases, and social and economic consequences.

By promoting sustainable practices, and adopting environmentally friendly technologies, the MedTech sector can contribute to mitigating climate change. With technological advancements, medical technologies have the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery. As these advancements occur at lightning speed, many opportunities arise within the healthcare sector. However, the challenge lies in considering sustainability alongside efficiency, affordability, accessibility, and patient-centricity.

Roadmap for a sustainable future in healthcare

Our annual TechMed Event aims to bring together leading stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, industry partners, researchers, investors, talented students, and healthcare organizations, to highlight the latest developments and discuss how medical technologies can impact global healthcare, paving the way for a sustainable future for the generations to come. Through fostering interdisciplinary collaborations, the event seeks to facilitate knowledge, promote innovation, and create a roadmap for a sustainable future in healthcare.

More information: The TechMed Event | TechMed Centre | University of Twente

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TechMed Centre (on the campus of the University of Twente), Enschede, The Netherlands