Inspiring Locations

Oost NL is experienced in assisting international companies with finding business locations. Business locations in East Netherlands are competitively priced, widely available and suit a variety of businesses. Combined with a proactive and supportive local government East Netherlands has a very attractive and competitive business climate.

Nobody, not even entreprepreneurs, can know everything. It’s not necessary, if you know where to find the answers. At a college campus, for example. There are modern campuses, not only for educational institutes, where open innovation can be found. Open innovation, where groups of entrepreneurs can develop their products together with universities or vocational schools.

Campus Development in East Netherlands

Companies collaborate more frequently on campuses, such as:

Many high-profile companies have chosen East Netherlands for their R&D center, European Headquarter, European Distribution Center, Customer Service Center or Marketing & Sales office. The East Netherlands offers companies a wide selection of high-quality, easily accessible and sensibly-priced business locations, all providing state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. Whether you’re looking for standard office space, a full-service business center, or multi-functional industrial space, we’re able to answer the needs of businesses large and small.

Open Innovation: the East Netherlands Way

Innovation is generally found where disciplines overlap and business and knowledge intersect, the catchphrase being ‘open innovation’. Oost NL has been a forerunner in creating dynamic communities for this kind of collaborative research and development.