Technology Matchmaking is a service provided by Oost NL aimed to assist foreign companies in finding European business and research partners. 

Free of charge

Based upon your specific request our team is ready to help your organization to identify a suitable partner in East Netherlands. Services by Oost NL are offered in strict confidence, without obligation and free of charge.

Easy access

Oost NL provides easy access to extensive networks specifically in the sectors Agri-Food, Life Sciences & Health, High Tech and Cleantech & Energy. We closely cooperate with our colleagues of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and the Science and Technology Officers (Attachés for Science and Technology) at the many foreign embassies and consulates general of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The matchmaking project may either be initiated by a technology offer or a technology request.

Ultimately the services may result in one of the following types of collaboration:

  1. Research and Development programs
  2. Technical cooperation
  3. Joint Venture agreements
  4. Manufacturing agreements
  5. License agreements

Please note that matchmaking services are not applicable to fully developed product offerings, European customer base development, import/export initiatives or marketing research/support.

Request For Information

In order to take full advantage of the matchmaking service we require you to complete a Request For Information (RFI) questionnaire in order to define your needs. Based on this information, and provided the request falls within the scope of our matchmaking service, Oost NL will search within its network and provide a selection of suitable (technology) partners, which may include research institutes as well as private enterprises.