20 SMEs start STEPS-journey to optimize future energy storage solutions

20 selected applicants will be supported by STEPS in optimizing their innovative energy storage solutions. Led by our partner Oost NL, the project helps SMEs take their energy storage solution from test stage to market ready. STEPS supports SMEs with their innovations through two phases. In the first phase renowned knowledge institutions guide SMEs in their solution development, while in the second stage SMEs are given the opportunity to test their innovation in real-life conditions.

Step forward with STEPS

STEPS partners are eager to get to work with their SMEs and boost energy storage innovation in the North-West Europe region. "With this programme we can bring innovative ideas a step forward," says Wendy de Jong, Managing Director at leadpartner Oost NL.

In January 2020 over 50 SMEs applied to the first phase of the Business Support Programme, 20 of which were selected to participate. Our energy storage innovators are distributed among the North-West European region. Over the course of the next four months, these SMEs will receive expert advice on technical issues, customization challenges and business models from the STEPS knowledge partners. Together they optimize the solution for testing. The 10 SMEs with the most promising technologies will be selected for the second stage of the Business Support Programme in which they connect with testbeds to test and improve their innovation with potential end-users.

A 2nd call for applications will open in May-June. Curious to learn about the Business Support Programme?

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