Alpla opens production location in Zwolle, East Netherlands

With 20,900 employees and 181 locations in 46 countries across 4 continents, Alpla is one of the world's largest producers of plastic packaging. The company now also has a production facility in Zwolle, in a former Scania building on business park Hessenpoort.


The packaging manufacturer chose to open a fourth branch in The Netherlands, because one of Alpla's clients is based in Zwolle. “We have been producing for that customer for fifteen years. We used to do that in Germany. However, we had to cover a distance of 400 kilometers and about 10 lorries went back and forth every day. To produce closer to the customer fits Alpla's philosophy,” says Roeland Marijnissen, country manager of Alpla Nederland: “Making conscious choices suits Alpla.”

A location close to the customer results in a CO2 reduction and a reduction of at least 75 truck movements per week. Two additional production lines will be installed in Zwolle for other potential customers.

Thanks to the involvement of the municipality of Zwolle and Oost NL, Alpla received a warm welcome in the region.

A longer version of this article was published in ZON’ Zwolle Magazine (Dutch)