The biggest E-Mobility event of East Netherlands: MOVE EAST 2023

Sustainable mobility is more relevant than ever. There is more and more traffic, which is increasingly impacting the climate, environment, health and economy. Sustainable mobility is essential to prevent harmful effects. East Netherlands has been working hard on this. For anyone curious about the latest developments and innovations in this field, the MOVE EAST event will take place on Friday, June 16 and Saturday, June 17. Technology Base and Twente Airport will be the hotspot for everything related to sustainable mobility: by road, air and water. There is no admission fee for MOVE EAST.

Move East

Development in all branches

Visitors will be introduced to all the news and innovations in the field of sustainable mobility during MOVE EAST. From passenger transport to freight transport to air traffic. These industries are changing a lot. The market share in electric vehicles on Dutch roads is increasing. The supply and use of electric vehicles are also slowly but surely increasing in professional freight transport. Sustainable developments have also started in aviation, with the first electric aircraft in 2017. There will also be three sub-areas of E-Mobility at MOVE EAST: Drive East, Go East and Fly East. Many companies from the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland are creating innovative E-mobility developments, and we would like to show them.


Special programs are being developed for young adults in cooperation with various regional knowledge institutions such as Saxion, Windesheim, Deltion and the University of Twente. This group is more likely to find a workplace that matches their educational background by introducing them to these industries at MOVE EAST.

Bert Boerman, representative of the province of Overijssel: “Authorities in East Netherlands are putting their money where their mouth is: the new buses in Overijssel and Gelderland are almost all electric, and we are working together with the municipalities to double the rollout of charging stations for electric cars in the coming years. Trucks and delivery vans are also becoming zero-emission, and we will remain fully committed to the super-energy-efficient (e-)bicycle! Many entrepreneurs from our region are already active in this energy transition; they can present themselves to companies and the public during MOVE EAST.”

Fons de Zeeuw from Oost NL: “Mobility has to become more sustainable. We have global players who support this with their innovations in East Netherlands. Examples are producers of charging infrastructure and energy storage systems and R&D players in these fields. Oost NL helps companies in East Netherlands develop their innovations to the next stage so that sustainable solutions will be realized for the future. That is why we wholeheartedly support the MOVE EAST initiative.”

Province of Overijssel is the client and host of MOVE EAST, and together with its partners Province of Gelderland and Oost NL provides an innovative program around sustainable mobility. The overall organization of this event is in the hands of Buro10 and Ervaar Elektrisch.