Bodypoint brings wheelchair positioning products to European markets

Bodypoint designs and manufactures postural supports that improve safety, comfort, function and independence for wheelchair users. The Seattle based company is manufacturing their products in-house since 1991 and is already selling in over 50 markets worldwide. Bodypoint opened a branch in Terwolde, East Netherlands, to support and build their European distributor network, address and handle European Medical Device compliance (MDR) and have a closer relationship with EU customers to actively drive new product development, aiming to grow to 6 staff members in the next couple of years.


"At Bodypoint, we work every day to better understand the capabilities and aspirations of people who use wheelchairs. As we imagine, design and manufacture our products, we strive to bridge the gap between the hard and the soft, the inanimate and the living, to create a better connection between wheelchairs and people."

Achieving and maintaining good posture is a key element in function and comfort next to that it contributes to the safety and independence of wheelchair users. Beside the top quality postural supports for wheelchair users, Bodypoint brought that expertise into the bathroom with specially developed – fast drying – support products. In addition, Bodypoint offering includes a whole line of power wheelchair control handles & mounting systems for users with limited hand-function or even no hand function.

With the focus on improving lives of those that have a disability, Bodypoint could not rely on general available buckles and attachments used for example backpacks & outdoor gear. This pushed them to develop patented, high quality and super strong buckles & hardware, some that can hold the weight of 1.000 kg. Bodypoint is gaining more and more interest for this technology for use in non-medical products. They like to come in contact with any manufacturer of outdoor gear that is looking for stronger, yet extremely light, solutions or where quick release and easy adjustment are key.

The Invest in Holland network provided soft-landing services to help Bodypoint set up operations and feel welcome in the regional healthcare ecosystem.