Breaking the bread line

In a region of the world stricken with poverty and hunger, Breadhouse is building ‘bread boxes,’ (called ‘Baketainers’), in which jobs will be created by making bread available for the local populace.


This initiative comes from Breadhouse’s ‘feeding the world’ concept. Other partners in this Dutch-South African program are Van Otten Bakers Enter (who initiated the concept), GSS Almelo Pretoria, and Dessert Wolf Pretoria. This program is, for the time being, focused primarily on African countries. A delegation of ministers from Sierre Leone visited the facilities in Enter.

The Baketainer is a shipping container that holds a complete bakery. It has been used in war zones, poverty-stricken areas and refugee camps in order to efficiently feed people. The containers were developed in the East Netherlands city of Enter and are being produced and distributed by the South African partners.

Oost NL, in cooperation with GGS, has dramatically reduced the cost price of the Baketainers through matchmaking and cooperation with South African manufacturing parties. In addition, working with African partners means the product is appropriate for the markets in African countries. Additionally, Oost NL has been helping GGS with internationalization and expansion.