CityDoxx develops sustainable mobility hub at XL Businesspark Almelo

We have more and more products delivered to our homes. The delivery of all those packages results in an increase in delivery vans and trucks in towns and cities. CityDoxx develops sustainable logistics accommodation concepts for city logistics and green mobility. The company recently acquired a plot of approximately 12,000 square meters at XL Businesspark Almelo. The sustainable mobility hub that CityDoxx is realizing at this location is intended for so-called ‘Last Mile Logistics’; the last transport movements for delivering packages to private individuals. Oost NL supported the company in the search for a location.


The buildings that CityDoxx will realize offer space for two or more logistics units of 1,000 to 2,000 m2, with multiple loading docks for trucks and delivery vans, the necessary office space and a canteen. John Rovers, CEO at CityDoxx: “We offer our customers a complete solution regarding electric charging infrastructure, with solar panels on the roof of each building as well as storage capacity. They can deliver their products with Zero Emission because of this”.

The CityDoxx concept will be expanded to a full Mobility Hub at a number of locations that have multiple mobility issues. A (public) parking space will be realized above the logistics units at these locations. This way of using the available space twice fits in well with CityDoxx’s sustainability goals.

XL Businesspark Almelo; a suitable location

“Oost NL helped us by doing research into locations that score highly in terms of accessibility, availability, and labour market. XL Businesspark Almelo emerged as a suitable location”, says Rovers. This sustainable mobility operation makes a significant contribution to ZES (Zero Emission Stadsdistributie, Zero Emission City Distribution); a goal to which several (Eastern) Dutch municipalities have also committed.

“Becoming more sustainable is one of the major challenges within the logistics sector. There is still a lot to gain, especially when it comes to Last Mile Logistics. CityDoxx offers solutions to delivery companies so that they can deliver products to their customers in a sustainable way. The arrival of CityDoxx is therefore good news for Twente’s sustainability ambitions and employment”, says Peter van Houten, senior project manager Logistics at Oost NL.

Complete network

The preparations for CityDoxx Almelo are in full swing, after which construction will start within a few months. The company’s goal is to realize a complete network of CityDoxx locations in the coming years, spread over the larger cities in the Netherlands and Belgium.