Destination Saskatoon – green proteins are booming business in Canada

The 12th annual Plant Protein Ingredients Summit 2019 will be held from 29 - 31 May in Saskatoon, Canada. Susan van Boxtel, team manager Food & Health, will be representing Oost NL International at this event.


The Protein Industries Canada program supports agriculture companies by supplying protein-rich resources, such as beans and rape seed. The technological developments necessary to do so efficiently is a potential boom for Dutch companies. The ‘Protein Cluster’ formed in East Netherlands is an international platform for entrepreneurs in the plant-based protein industry. These companies are focused on sustainable commercial growth and internationalization through ‘green’ proteins.

Susan van Boxtel explains, “East Netherlands is a verified hot spot for knowledge and entrepreneurship in green proteins. We gladly roll out the red carpet for Canadian companies that have complementary technologies and product development.”