English Company Protean Electric Introduces In-Wheel Electric Motor

This past week, Protean Electric presented its innovative in-wheel electric motor and autonomous
vehicle technology to the automotive and e-mobility experts of East Netherlands.

in-wheel Protean Electric

At the same time, Protean Electric toured the facilities that East Netherlands, namely the cities
of Arnhem and Enschede, has to offer regarding battery technology and e-mobility.

This in-wheel technology allows vehicle manufacturers more efficient performance, maneuvering and use of space. Passenger entry is also lower to the ground, as there is no drive train to account for.

Autonomous vehicles that are easy to maneuver and have a lower passenger point of entry will play an
important role in the future of mobility for the elderly, physically limited and especially those using wheelchairs.  

Together with the Industry Park Kleefse Waard (IPKW) and the automotive technology faculty HAN
University of Applied Sciences, there were discussions regarding establishing a test track for autonomous electric vehicles. This provides many possibilities for attracting even more partners to the region.