Future Protein NL: Join us in solving global challenges together

‘Future Protein NL’ aims to inspire and inform you about what is going on the Netherlands in the field of alternative proteins. In order to meet with environmental and societal needs, alternative protein sources need to be developed next to animal-based meat, dairy, fish, and eggs. The Netherlands is a global frontrunner in the alternative protein sector, an expert in the field of agri-food, sustainability and knowledge sharing. The online magazine outlines the Dutch ecosystem of alternative proteins, focusing on trade and international ambitions, innovations, and foreign direct investments.

Future Protein

The magazine features over forty exclusive interviews with leading entrepreneurs and organizations, including Beyond Meat, Jaap Korteweg, Founder The Vegetarian Butcher and Those Vegan Cowboys, Meatable, Protix, The Protein Brewery, the LIVEKINDLY Collective, and many more. The Netherlands has a highly developed and competitive agri-food sector with over 150 years of experience in the production of proteins. Over 250 companies in the Netherlands are working on the protein shift; delivering solutions with global impact.

Guido Landheer, Director of European, International and Agro-Economic Policy at the Ministry of Agriculture, “The Netherlands is one of the world’s go-to alternative protein hubs. We are in a transition towards a better balance between animal-based and plant-based proteins. Innovations are born here and translated into practical products. We have a strong focus on collaboration and partnerships.”

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The Dutch skillset includes protein production, processing, innovation and logistics, allowing the Netherlands to stimulate the shift towards a restored balance between animal- and alternative proteins. As the magazine outlines, there are five main building blocks on which the ecosystem in the Netherlands relies: connections, innovations, companies, brands, and transitions. The system is supported by a strong foundation of education and skilled labour.

Are you ready to join us? To get in touch, reach out to the following organizations:

  • Regarding innovation:
    • Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) - anne [dot] winkel [at] rvo [dot] nl (Anne Winkel)
    • Top Sector Agri & Food - w [dot] vanasselt [at] minbuza [dot] nl (Willemien van Asselt)
    • Foodvalley NL / The Protein Community - jeroen [dot] willemsen [at] foodvalley [dot] nl (Jeroen Willemsen)
  • Regarding expansion into the Netherlands:
    • Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency - maarten [dot] schans [at] rvo [dot] nl (Maarten Schans)
    • East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL) - susan [dot] vanboxtel [at] oostnl [dot] nl (Susan van Boxtel)
  • Regarding trade:
    • Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) - alwin [dot] quispel [at] rvo [dot] nl (Alwin Quispel)
    • East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL) - belqis [dot] askaryar [at] oostnl [dot] nl (Belqis Askaryar)