Iceland company GeoSilica establishes at Wageningen Campus

GeoSilica produces silica mineral supplements from geothermal water in Iceland. By using advanced technology and the minerals found in Iceland’s volcanic earth, GeoSilica’s products are always 100% natural and pure.



In the year 2018, GeoSilica entered new markets, including European countries. With the success of the products entering the European market, the company decided to move closer to Europe. The Netherlands scored the highest. GeoSilica opened an office at the Startlife incubator in East Netherlands, close to the Wageningen University & Research.

“We are really excited for GeoSilica Europe, the people here in the Netherlands have been so kind and helpful. We are really happy that we decided to establish our GeoSilica Europe B.V. in the Netherlands, especially in the East and we are looking forward to growing our business and increasing our team here” says Fida Abu Libdeh the CEO of GeoSilica.

Oost NL supported GeoSilica via a SME Horizon 2020 assignment, with their business strategy and internationalization. Based on this support, GeoSilica decided to establish their production, sales and distribution in the Netherlands.

GeoSilica was established in 2012 in Iceland as a spin-off from Fida Abu Libdeh final thesis at the University of Iceland. In 2015 the first product PURE launched to the Icelandic market with great success, the product was one of the sales highest Icelandic products through the company's distributor. Following the success of PURE, the company continued its product development adding three new unique products to the Icelandic market. The products are certified Vegan and Free from preservatives and harmful chemicals.

Geosilica is currently looking for a Marketing Expert please have a look at link