Innovation Sprint opens R&D office for innovative eHealth solutions with a focus on Virtual Coaching at Kennispark Twente

Belgian eHealth specialist Innovation Sprint will open an office at Kennispark Twente in Enschede (the Netherlands) this summer. The company offers solutions for the eHealth and Life Sciences sectors, with a focus on Big Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Coaching on real-world data. The arrival of Innovation Sprint will further strengthen the MedTech ecosystem of Twente. Kennispark, TechMed Center, Novel-T and Oost NL are working together to strengthen the MedTech cluster, in part by attracting companies such as Innovation Sprint to the region.

Innovation Sprint

The CEO of Innovation Sprint, Sofoklis Kyriazakos, is enthusiastic about the establishment at the science park. "We chose Twente because of its vibrant and inspiring environment. We also wanted to be close to the knowledge and talent of the University of Twente's medical technology programmes and like-minded cooperation partners in the MedTech cluster." Innovation Sprint first became acquainted with the ecosystem in Twente during the matchmaking at the TechMed event, organized by World Trade Center Twente. Together with regional development agency Oost NL, they then investigated how Innovation Sprint's expertise could contribute to the MedTech cluster and vice versa. The establishment at Kennispark Twente proved to be the logical next step. The company brings knowledge about the smart organization of clinical research and the data collection that this requires.

Personalized care through big data and AI

Innovation Sprint combines data and expertise from clinical science, ICT, signal processing and Machine Learning to improve care processes. The company uses the data to develop personalized care solutions. As a result, patients will receive the right care at the right time. At Kennispark Twente, Innovation Sprint will open a lab that will focus on integrating Virtual Coaching into the Healthentia platform. This is a software application that provides patients and practitioners with real-time information about medication, health and lifestyle.

Growth in talent, network and knowledge

Within the Innovation Sprint’s team at Kennispark, people with various areas of expertise work together to come up with good technological solutions. This team has recently been joined by experts who have a relationship with the University of Twente. They bring experience with virtual coaching in digital health applications. The core team also consists of Dr. Harm op den Akker, head of Virtual Coaching, and Dr. Miriam Cabrita, specialist in Personalized Digital Health. In addition, the team is supported by advisory member Prof. Dr. Hermie Hermens, also a professor in the Biomedical Signals and Systems group at the University of Twente.

Innovation Sprint aims to broaden the team in the coming period by attracting more talent, working closely with the University of Twente's technical education programmes and intensifying cooperation with other companies in the MedTech cluster. Anne-Wil Lucas, Area Director of Kennispark Twente: "This company fits perfectly into our strategy of strengthening the MedTech cluster and our profile in medical technology. We are convinced that Innovation Sprint can help companies at our science park to achieve their growth ambitions. They are a valuable addition to the Twente ecosystem in both knowledge and employment." In time, Innovation Sprint expects the office in Twente to grow to 10 employees.