Meet PLAEX Technologies!

In this first episode of our international startup series, we would like you to meet PLAEX Technologies. 

Imagine a world where all the waste that is produced is reliably identified, sorted and recycled each and every time.

PLAEX Technologies has developed a smart recycling bin called ‘Garby’. Inside the garbage bin, waste is automatically sorted by using artificial intelligence, machine learning and a proprietary mechanical design. PLAEX is located in Twente and owned by Tyrell Pantophlet and brothers John & Victor Okoro. Tyrell and Victor studied at the University of Twente.


PLAEX team

Tyrell Pantophlet, John Okoro, Victor Okoro

Proper recycling and audits can be tough. Especially when people throw the wrong things into the wrong bins. When this happens, cross-contamination occurs, which in turn makes it more difficult and more expensive to recycle. PLAEX’s technology sorts automatically, gets rid of human error and allows for cleaner, cheaper waste management. Their proprietary artificial intelligence is adaptable to any waste stream, meaning that it can be deployed in any country.

Early Recognition

PLAEX has already won a number of innovation awards including the CSU Innovation award 2020. They have also been selected as having one of the most promising ideas and received an encouragement prize at the Philips Innovation Award 2022. Just recently PLAEX featured in the FD Top50 promising talents in which PLAEX was represented by Tyrell.
PLAEX received a MIT subsidy, a SME innovation credit, from the province of Overijssel.

In addition, PLAEX has already conducted some pilot projects with the COGAS Groep (Almelo) and the Vermaat Groep (IJsselstein).

What’s next

Victor: "We’re looking to secure launching customers, raise investments, and grow our team and product output. With the support of various organizations, such as Oost NL, we are evolving into a fully-fledged company, and our most important goal is to contribute to bringing about a more sustainable and circular ecosystem across the Netherlands and beyond. Our product is ready to market and we would like to speak to anyone who is interested in our smart solution! It's not complex, it's PLAEX!"

About the Startup visa, Oost NL and PLAEX

Powered by the Dutch National Enterprise Agency (RVO) The Netherlands Point of Entry is the first stop for international talent looking to work or set up a business in the Netherlands. A Startup visa is one of the means to enter The Netherlands.
East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL) is an official startup facilitatorThis means that with Oost NL as their facilitator innovative non-EU citizens can grow their startup in East Netherlands (Gelderland or Overijssel). Oost NL is welcoming international startups who aim to solve global challenges using our regional ecosystem.
With Oost NL as their facilitator, PLAEX successfully applied for the Startup visa earlier this year.

More information on PLAEX: PLAEX – Automatic waste sorting bins