New location for Hospitainer allows for growth

Hospitainer is a company that develops and produces modular hospitals by transforming standard shipping containers. These mobile medical solutions are built in Vaassen for use in disaster areas, war zones and other places where standard medical facilities are not practical or even possible. The UN uses Hospitainer’s products in war zones, such as Syria and Iraq, or in remote jungle areas in Columbia. With a client base including the United Nations, NGOs as well as various governmental and defense organizations, Hospitainer is growing quickly.

Modular hospitals by Hospitainer

The increase in demand for Hospitainer’s products required a new, expanded location for both production capacity as well as storage space. Hospitainer, together with Oost NL, found a location in Vaassen measuring 4,200 m2 surface area. It is expected that an additional 10 extra jobs will be created in the coming 3 years, in addition to indirect, temporary labor that will be hired for production and assembly.

Hospitainer has relocated to this new location on the Griftsemolenweg in Vaassen at the end of 2017, leaving their former location in Apeldoorn behind.

Oost NL has supported Hospitainer in its search for a new location and played a role in the choice between rental, rental contract extension, or outright purchase of a new facility. Oost NL also provided information regarding various subsidies and grants, including the WBSO arrangement.

Effective and affordable Healthcare

Rolof Mulder, General Manager from Hospitainer, describes his company’s mission, “Our number one priority must be to guarantee a going concern by producing a viable product. In other words: to earn money. But, in addition, Hospitainer is providing healthcare workers with the right tools in order to save lives. Whether it be in a war zone, in a place where a natural disaster has occured, or in places that are difficult to reach. I travel frequently to war and conflict zones in order to inventory and to discuss with local personnel what their real needs are.”

By providing a complete and professionally equipped mobile hospital, Hospitainer’s ‘viable product’ delivers an important contribution to improving societal challenges in healthcare in disaster and warzones. A company with a purpose, located in the heart of the Netherlands, that is growing under its own power.