OmniWind chooses Twente for their office and R&D activities

OmniWind, a company dedicated to ​democratizing ​wind energy ​and integrating wind energy into the built environment, has chosen Twente as the location for its office and R&D activities. The turbine OmniWind developed also provides space for solar panels so that the peak load on the grid can be better regulated. Recently the company chose to set up shop in Twente. Oost NL provided the company with a soft landing in the region. 


Pranav Tetali is the CEO of OmniWind and explains how the idea of his company first started: “It actually started very simply. I saw a small wind turbine on a roof. That made me curious. Solar energy, for example, is becoming increasingly popular, but what about wind energy?” The entrepreneur soon found out that there are few small wind turbines, especially in cities. “Because people feel it ruins their view and they generate relatively less energy,” he explains. OmniWind addresses these two problems. The company is developing technologies to improve the power output of small wind turbines​ and making it aesthetically pleasing.

Test setup in Tubbergen 

OmniWind already has a test setup in Tubbergen​ and is collecting data to improve its solution and make it ready for market introduction.​ To facilitate research projects and the recruitment of talent, the company has chosen to locate its office in Enschede on the ​​University of Twente campus, where it can work more closely with the university. Tetali: “We want to work more closely with UT Twente for research projects and to hire talent to grow our business. Oost NL helped us with valuable connections and advice on how to start out in this region, they were able to guide us through the UT's energy ecosystem.”  

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Janet de Rooy-Smid, advisor Energy at Oost NL: “We introduced OmniWind to relevant cooperation partners in the region. That way they can make quicker steps in their innovation process. Sustainable energy supply and managing peak demand are critical components of the energy transition. We’re happy to help companies that want to be part of the solution.”