Orikami and InteraktContour Search For an Improved Treatment Program

At the request of InterakContour, Orikami will partner with the Hersenz Foundation to find a better way to make data available for tailormade treatments for those who have suffered non-congenital brain damage, also known as Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).


Orikami and InterakContour got to know each other during a trade mission that was organized by Oost NL to North America in October, 2017. The mission was centered around solutions for medical rehabilitation.

Following this trip, together they started researching for an improved treatment program for patients. ABI has occurred in the course of a patient’s life, for example through an accident of some kind, can have a severe impact on the life of the patient as well as those around them.

A spokesperson for Orikami stated, “On the basis of pattern recognition in healthcare data we are able to discover which treatment method work and which do not for individual patients. Our shared conclusion is that we can also begin to make predictions over the duration of the affliction. This can be multifaceted, as how a particular patient progresses has many factors: the drugs prescribed, operations that might be performed or responsiveness to a particular course of therapy. By making predictions, you can lessen the risk of over- or under-treating the patient. Not only is this better for the patient, ultimately you can also realize cost savings through effective use of healthcare data. For the Hersenz foundation, we have built a data roadmap based on current datasets, their own vision, and the possibilities this data is able to fulfill. This roadmap shows how data can offer optimal added value for the treatments Hersenz administers, and which steps need to be taken in order to achieve this.”

The ultimate result of this research is improved care for patients with ABI: a custom-designed treatment program and evaluation of the programs efficacy. Effective and affordable healthcare is the result. Local patients as well as patients nationwide can benefit from this development.     

The Hersenz Foundation is for people run into difficulties due to their brain damage and want to learn to cope with the effects of their affliction. Hersenz is supported by thirteen different healthcare organizations in the Netherlands.

InteraktContour is for those who experience problems owing to their brain damage, which has resulted from, for example, stroke, a tumor or an accident of some sort. Their lives can be drastically altered through their condition, and returning to the normal school or work routines of their lives before their affliction is often out of the question. The situation at home will have changed dramatically as well.

Orikami excels at the juncture of data science and healthcare. From their position they see enormous possibilities in making healthcare more effective as well as more efficient, to therefore improve the quality of patient’s lives and to render healthcare affordable for everyone.

Photo designed by Starline