PHIX Gives a Boost to Photonics in Twente

PHIX BV, based in Twente, has made the world’s first steps towards volume production of so-called ‘light chips’, making upscaling of photonics production possible.


Light chips are microchips that work on the basis of light rather than the normal electrons, and are expected to make an enormous impact on the high-tech industry as well as our daily lives. Oost NL, through funds available through 'Innovatiefonds Twente' is a co-investor in the assembly line of PHIX. The assembly line will be set up in the High Tech Factory at the University of Twente and is expected to create dozens of jobs in the short-term.

PHIX raises first round of investment

PHIX Photonics Assembly established its assembly and packaging production line in April 2017, targeting cost-effective fabrication of Photonic Integrated Circuit modules in large volumes. With its operations at the High Tech Factory, PHIX contributes to the established regional eco-system of design, engineering and development of integrated photonics solutions.

Albert Hasper, Director of PHIX B.V.: “With the creation of PHIX Photonic Assembly in April 2017, we secured access to test, assembly and packaging modules for large volumes. With this first round of investment, led by Oost NL,  we can accelerate the scaling up of our assembly and packaging processes for Photonic Integrated Circuits and put us at the forefront of PIC assembly in the world”. “We are glad that we have strong support from the province of Overijssel, Innovatiefonds Twente, Saxion Hogeschool, the University of Twente, and the world-class photonics companies such as LioniX International, which established a unique position and reputation in a suite of application markets for photonic integrated circuits“. PHIX will work in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Project Center on packaging standards for high volume manufacturing of integrated photonics modules and with PhoeniX Software on developing the appropriate photonic design kits, dedicated to assembly and packaging, to secure volume scalability and fast time-to-market of novel sensors in datacom, telecom and medical applications.

Hans van den Vlekkert, CEO of LioniX International, initiator and orchestrator of the establishment of PHIX B.V., emphasizes the need for the presence of a strong, regional eco-system, where education, design, manufacturing and volume production are at hand, literally, just a stone’s throw away. “We have seen accelerated growth of integrated photonics market over the past year, especially for the demand of devices that are based on our low-loss TriPleX platform.  We have delivered many prototypes to international customers and anticipate that volume demand for the PIC-modules is starting, which requires an efficient organization, such as PHIX B.V., where the infrastructure and production flow are tailored to achieve cost-effective assembly and packaging of PIC modules.”