Revolutionising inhalation treatment Resyca spreads its wings in Enschede

Resyca develops soft mist inhalers. These are devices for drug treatment through aerosol inhalation. The company is a joint venture between Recipharm, a Swedish leading CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization), and Medspray, the originator of the micro-nozzle technology for Resyca’s soft mist inhalation devices.

Photo Resyca

After running a few months exclusively on the start capital provided by Recipharm and Medspray, Resyca has recently boarded its first pharmaceutical customer on the soft mist inhaler (SMI) platform. An agreement has been signed involving milestones and royalties for exclusivity on the specific drug product.

The soft mist inhaler platform has various benefits which makes it interesting for the pharmaceutical industry, especially for the expected wave of novel drugs based on biotechnology (e.g. mRNA-vaccines). Developing the drug formulation is simpler and faster compared to dry powder inhalers, the devices are efficient and patient friendly.

The company plans to grow steadily, and is tapping into the regional talent pool by setting up its own Talent Program. Wilbur de Kruijf, CTO of Resyca: ‘In times of COVID-19, many schools and universities are having great difficulty finding a place for their student to gain practical experience. Resyca provides talented technical and pharmaceutical students the opportunity to gain experience, join a dynamic international team either in Enschede or Munich and making a difference in tomorrow’s inhalation treatment’.

Oost NL supported Resyca in finding office and lab space for future growth and will continuously engage the company in the regional medtech ecosystem.