Saietta acquires e-Traction: How 60 jobs are retained for the region

Earlier this month, it was announced that the British Saietta Group has acquired Apeldoorn-based e-Traction. e-Traction was looking for a strategic partner after Chinese Evergrande put the electric motor company up for sale. Saietta can accelerate its growth strategy with this acquisition. Oost NL talked to both companies at the same time and facilitated the acquisition and expansion in the region. 60 jobs will be retained in Apeldoorn thanks to the acquisition: “The many years of experience will not be lost thanks to this.”

Saietta en e-Traction

e-Traction develops electric drivetrains for trucks and buses. These are much quieter than diesel engines and allow energy consumption to be cut in half. These electric motors are a perfect addition for Saietta, which specializes in high-tech solutions for e-mobility. The acquisition will allow Saietta to expand its business from scooters to buses. It will also help bring affordable electric propulsion to the market in places plagued by chronic air pollution.

Saietta bought all 100% of the shares from Evergrande. Wicher Kist, CEO of Saietta Group PLC and Saietta Europe BV expects that this acquisition will enable Saietta to accelerate its business plan by several years. Edgar Ooijman, commercial director at e-Traction in an interview with De Stentor: “We found the strategic partner that we were looking for.” He expects that the acquisition will lead to a ‘boost’ in several market segments. “All our employees will continue to work in the R&D and workshop facilities in Apeldoorn, now as part of Saietta. The many years of experience will not be lost thanks to this.”

It was Oost NL that sat down with the companies to facilitate further expansion in the region. Marloes de Goeijen, project manager at Oost NL: “Various British companies are interested in using East Netherlands to serve the European market more quickly, because of the Brexit. One of them is Saietta from Oxford.” Janet de Rooij, another project manager at Oost NL: “I read in De Stentor that e-Traction was up for sale because of the crisis at Evergrande. I got in touch after a phone call, and we started talking to both companies. e-Traction is a great addition for Saietta and the company is perfect for the Cleantech Region, a place where many innovative companies are working on solutions for clean energy.”

Edgar Ooijman, e-Traction: “Oost NL helped us with the discussions. There were some obstacles, of course, so it helps when a development company with an international network offers input. The contact with Saietta was great from the start, though – we can work on innovative solutions for cleaner and smarter transport together.”

Wicher Kist, CEO of Saietta Group PLC and Saietta Europe BV: “The contact with Oost NL and e-Traction was great, and we were able to switch quickly. The acquisition is also an expansion with a foreign office for us. We will gain 60 valuable and talented colleagues. Oost NL provided us with information about the qualities of Apeldoorn and East Netherlands as a business location. We expect to continue to grow in the coming years, partly thanks to this expansion.” Saietta started its maritime division in the Netherlands in 2020. The company launched Propel at the Maritime Equipment Trade Show (METS) in Amsterdam last week. Propel focuses on the design, development and marketing of a range of innovative electric motors to advance the electrification of the maritime industry. Kist: “Our innovative products are accessible and affordable, and they also deliver a more enjoyable and optimal experience on the water.”