SANOVO Technology expands in Aalten

SANOVO Technology (technology for handling & processing of eggs) is currently working on a major renovation and expansion of the current location in Aalten. Constant growth in sales and development meant that more space was needed. The premises were also somewhat outdated and spaces could be arranged and used better. Fortunately, the location in Aalten offers enough space for this renovation and expansion. Oost NL supported the expansion.


SANOVO Technology Netherlands has a long history that dates back to 1956, when Staalkat was established in Aalten for the production of egg sorting machines. Since 2006 Staalkat has been part of the Danish SANOVO Technology Group. From the early 1960s, the machines were gradually exported all over the world. Currently, SANOVO is one of the biggest players worldwide in this field.
David Kessels Chief Product & Business Management, Egg Handling NL about the location in Aalten: "SANOVO Technology Netherlands is a competence center, where all aspects of production, development, sales, marketing and training are united. Each machine is installed at the customer's site and comes with training for employees to ensure smooth use of the machines."

Technological innovations

SANOVO Technology is constantly working on technological innovations; every year a completely new machine is developed and launched on the market. SANOVO makes use of the latest developments in camera technology. For this, they work together with TU Twente, TU Eindhoven and Wageningen University & Research. Oost NL recently introduced SANOVO to OnePlanet Research Center in Wageningen to explore the possibility of participating in a sensor research program.