South Africa’s CT Lab Strengthens the Energy Cluster in East Netherlands

East Netherlands has many private companies focusing on CleanTech and Energy, from multinationals to small- and medium businesses.



East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL) is pleased that CT Lab has decided to establish in the region. CT Lab develops specific multifunctional measuring devices which gives the user unprecedented insight into the complex behavior of electrical networks.

In addition to measuring devices and software, CT Labs also provides safe data storage and the necessary system support for this storage.   

Oost NL made initial contact with CT Lab during an acquisition mission to South Africa. During this trip they invited CT Lab to visit the region for a tour.

Oost NL subsequently introduced CT Lab to its network and convinced the company to establish in the city of Arnhem, also known as “the Headquarters of New Energy.”

CT LAB has decided to relocate the company to the energy ecosystem around Arnhem, as this is the best place for the company to expand its business in the energy industry and in Europe, says Adriaan Tromp, Chief Operating Officer

CT Lab’s move to the region represents a fine addition to the energy cleantech ecosystem around Arnhem. It is expected that the company will provide employment for 12 personnel within the coming 3 years, as the cluster continues to develop.

CT Lab contributes to new innovation, a safer society, and energy savings through improved monitoring.