Spanish neuro-rehabilitation tech company Eodyne expands to Nijmegen

Regaining cognitive and motor control through ‘gaming’

Eodyne is specialized in real-time interactive systems and technologies for virtual and augmented reality. With their products they can, for example, offer a solution for the integrated treatment of impairments resulting from brain damage. Netherlands Foreign Invesment Agency, Oost NL, Health Valley and Radboud University assisted Eodyne with their expansion to Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


Founded in 2014, Barcelona-based company Eodyne is a spin-off technology company from the SPECS research lab, that develops science-based rehabilitation solutions. In 2022 Eodyne founder Paul Verschure was appointed as professor of Neuroengineering at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. At the same time, he opened a new entity of his company in Nijmegen, in order to bridge the science to societal and commercial impact.

Eodyne’s flagship product is the Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS), a science-based  and clinically validated neuro-rehabilitation solution for patients with brain damage: “With RGS, we can improve both motor and cognitive traits. With sensor technology and VR/AR applications RGS allows patients to train the movement of their hands and limbs. This can be done both at home and in a clinic, and is customizable to the patient’s needs. This is how we give people back their freedom of motion,” Verschure explains.

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Expansion to Nijmegen

With Verschure’s appointment at the Radboud University and Eodyne’s expansion to Nijmegen, the company expects to further develop their business. Santiago Brandi, CEO of Eodyne says: “We expect our expansion will grant us better access to the Dutch market, as well as prepare for continuous internationalization to North America. There are valuable partners nearby that can help us improve and expand our products.” Eodyne already works together with the Sint Maartenskliniek, a renowned Nijmegen based clinic with a focus on rehabilitation. 

Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, Oost NL, Health Valley and Radboud University assisted Eodyne with their expansion. For example, connecting them to experts for legal advice, assisting in location search, offering a stage during the annual Health Valley Event, all to ensure a soft-landing in the ecosystem.

Valuable addition to medtech ecosystem

Susan van Boxtel, team manager Health at Oost NL says, “Eodyne is a great addition to the  strong medtech ecosystem in East Netherlands, where different companies, knowledge institutes and innovation centers work together to provide innovative solutions for healthcare challenges. We’re proud to welcome the company to our region.”

“The help of Oost NL, the NFIA and Health Valley has been very valuable to us. There’s a lot administrative work to figure out when setting up a new entity in a new country. We’re happy to have landed here an look forward to further collaborations in the Dutch medtech-ecosystem,” says Brandi. Eodyne will also operate under the name of their Dutch entity Sapiens5 Digital Health in the Netherlands.