The STEPS project creating market pull for energy storage in NWE

The STEPS project aims to strengthen the competitiveness of Northwest Europe in the energy and power storage market. This is done by assisting innovative storage suppliers to reach market maturity faster, but also by creating market pull, for example by making end-users aware of the possibilities of e-storage and matching them with e-storage providers.

Project STEPS

User boards
With growing amounts of distributed renewable energies like roof-mounted solar PV, the need for medium capacity energy storage solutions becomes apparent. However, there are many different energy and power storage solutions with different applications. It can be complicated for end-users to find the right storage solutions. Moreover, not everyone is aware of the possibilities and advantages of e-storage.

To support end-users and increase the awareness about the possibilities of energy storage, the STEPS project is using user groups. These user groups consist of current and future e-storage users to characterise their needs and ambitions for e-storage. They will be trained on implementing e-storage solutions through site visits, workshops and events that bring together government, grid operators and SMEs.

Local context and demand
Every country participating in the STEPS project will have one user group. Each of these national user group has a different focus, tailored on the national context and demand. In Belgium, the user group will focus on batteries in construction sector, whereas the United Kingdom will concentrate on science parks and campuses. The Dutch user group works on energy storage for housing associations and consists of housing associations and social housing providers. In Ireland the aim is to improve the collaboration within the energy storage sector and the German group has their attention on strengthening the local network and their connection with e-storage providers.

The five user groups together will be able to cooperate and form a transnational network of over fifty end-users in the North Sea region. This network creates the opportunity to keep sharing information, experiences, and best practices after the STEPS project has finished.

E-storage modelling tool and Match map
To further support end-users in becoming aware of their energy needs, STEPS will introduce an e-storage modelling tool. This helps end-users to find calculate the amount of storage they need and what type of energy or power storage configuration is suitable. The E-storage Matchmap then gives a clear overview of storage solution providers from Northwest Europe and helps users to find the right supplier for their needs.

STEPS is a project within the Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) programme. Interreg NWE falls under the European Cohesion Policy and is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Oost NL is proud leadpartner.