TBCertain - which enables faster diagnosis of tuberculosis - establishes its operations in Nijmegen

TBCertain develops synthetic molecules that can detect tuberculosis at an early stage. More than a million people worldwide die from the infectious disease.  The company chooses to have the production of the molecules take place at the Mercator Science Park in Nijmegen.


TBCertain (a spin-off from the University of Groningen) has developed synthetically specific antigens of Mycobacteria tuberculosis (MtB). These synthetic molecules are used for diagnostic tests on patients suspected of being infected with tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is one of the deadliest infectious diseases worldwide. Tests with these synthetic molecules could show active tuberculosis in an early stage, after which patients can be treated in a targeted way so that they no longer pose a risk of infection for others.

Nijmegen a suitable location

TBCertain carries out the research and development at their location in Leusden. Meanwhile, TBCertain has entered a new phase and is now going to produce the synthetic molecules on a larger scale. TBCertain has chosen Nijmegen as the production location for this, because of good ties with the Radboud University and the availability of qualified chemists. Nijmegen and surroundings is a pleasant location for people to live and work, making it easy to find employees.

The highest number of patients with tuberculosis can be found in China and India. TBCertain has set up a business-to-business model, in which partners buy the synthetic molecules and process them into diagnostic tests that they supply to hospitals in China and India. Oost NL helped TBCertain find a location in Nijmegen in collaboration with Mercator Science Park and Novio Tech Campus. TBCertain started their new production location at Mercator Science Park October 15th of 2020.