Turkish agri-tech company Doktar Technologies expands to the Netherlands

Turkish company Doktar Technologies is expanding to Wageningen in the Netherlands. The agri-tech company develops digital farming solutions for the agricultural sector, based on new technologies such as remote sensing, machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT), enabling farmers to make faster and more accurate decisions. The company serves as a digital transformation hub for farmers, agri-input providers, food processors and large-scale governmental and private institutions, through its framework that aligns program management with technology implementation capabilities. At the new office in Wageningen, the company sees opportunities in the agriculture transition towards sustainable farming. The Invest in Holland Network, with colleagues from the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), and East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL), together with Wageningen Campus assisted Doktar in successfully establishing in the region.


Precision agriculture: agriculture meets high-tech  

Doktar develops software and hardware products for precision agriculture. In order to do so, the company uses technology trained with Artificial Intelligence (AI). With this, Doktar can monitor and analyze earthly parameters, such as crop growth, irrigation capacity, and pest detection, and advise farmers/institutions to make informed decisions on how to optimize their field by reducing the inputs. Our technologies also drive sustainability by enabling water saving, soil regeneration biodiversity enrichment and carbon sequestration.

Dr. Selim Uçer, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Doktar: "Whether facilitating the transition to regenerative agriculture or spearheading the digital transformation of farming operations for corporates or contract farmers, we're dedicated to driving tangible change.  

Tanzer Bilgen, Co-Founder and CEO at Doktar: “The choice to expand to Wageningen is a logical one for us. There is a lot of knowledge available and many food companies are active in the Foodvalley ecosystem." 

Doktar's software is used in 65 countries. In addition to its location in Wageningen, the company has offices in Istanbul and Izmir, Turkey, a production facility in Istanbul, and partner offices in Greece, Morocco, Romania and Spain.  

The choice to expand to Wageningen is a logical one for us. There is a lot of knowledge available and many food companies are active in the Foodvalley ecosystem.

Location selection and network building support   

Dr. Riza Kadilar, Managing Director at Doktar Technologies BV: "Thanks to the help of the team of Oost NL and Wageningen Campus, we have been able to make a soft landing on the Wageningen Campus and build our network. We look forward to working with researchers and entrepreneurs in the region."  

Angelique van Helvoort, advisor Food at Oost NL: "Doktar's products and services fit very well with the Netherlands' ambitions in the regenerative agriculture and sustainable food systems. Wageningen Campus has modern research facilities and is the place for pioneering innovations. It is easy for Doktar to collaborate with research groups at the Wageningen University & Research, and world-leading companies in the Food Valley. We celebrate that an innovative and internationally operating company like Doktar chooses to establish in our region." 

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