Twente based deep-tech startup looking for strategic partners and high skilled candidates

Motion Imager wants to tackle waste and rejection in the textile and apparel industry product life cycle with smart AI camera

Worldwide, large quantities of incorrectly produced or unsold clothing end up in the incinerator or in landfills. A common problem in clothing production is that the information about sizes and materials is communicated incorrectly. With a smart solution, Motion Imager wants to significantly reduce this margin of error. Oost NL helped Motion Imager with successfully completing the visa procedure for startups and settling in the WTC Twente, a well-suited location for ambitious companies in the textile industry.   


Motion Imager is working on the in-house development of an advanced camera, based on AI and photonics, to reconstruct so-called 3D-live Digital Twins. These Digital Twins are replicas of things in physical format in factories and will help detect errors in shape and surface. Or, as Motion Imager describes it: ‘smart manufacturing at the click of a camera and a tap of a screen’.

Currently based in WTC in Hengelo, Motion Imager is looking to add more technology and business skilled manpower and complete the technology development & release plan. "The ecosystem in the field of innovation in the clothing industry in Twente is world class, which means that we can provide our product with a quality boost. We are very happy with the help of the WTC in Hengelo, Expat Center East Netherlands and Oost NL. Thanks to their efforts, we have been able to make a flying start with our plans to find strategic partners and high skilled candidates," says Apu Saha, founder of Motion Imager.

Oost NL helped Motion Imager successfully complete the visa procedure for startups. "As a startup facilitator, we assist young companies from outside the European Union, who establish themselves in our country for at least a year. With our extensive network, we provide the startup the opportunity to grow using all the possibilities in the east of the Netherlands. Motion Imager is an innovative company with a mission that affects us all: to reduce the impact of clothing production on the environment," says Bram Geertsema, project manager at Oost NL.