Dutch HealthIT Team Storms Berlin 2016

The Dutch again proved the Netherlands’ top position in Europe as the leader in digital health and healthcare related IT at conhIT in Berlin, held the end of April this year. Led by the East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL), the team of 25 companies from the Netherlands, together with partners from the Netherlands as well as Germany, stormed Connecting Healthcare IT (conhIT) in Berlin, the largest conference and trade show in Europe for the connecting role of IT in the healthcare industry.

The Dutch team’s goal in Berlin was to encounter potential business partners, and to scout the environment for investors, partners in innovation, inspiration for doing international business, and more. It is sometimes challenging for small and medium companies to cross the bridge to international markets, and this action was designed to facilitate their efforts.

Oost NL, along with partners, relieved the companies of the details by organizing contact opportunities for networking, matchmaking programs, and various forays throughout the Berlin-Brandenburg region. The Dutch Digital Health Night was the high point of this campaign, which was highlighted by pitches, keynotes, and was followed by a reception at the Dutch embassy location for a reception for guests from the around the world. This campaign was co-executed with regional, national and international partners and is an outstanding model for future cooperation. On towards 2017!