Perfect hub to EU

East Netherlands is located strategically between two key European economies: the Dutch Randstad and the German Ruhr Area. This central position, combined with accessibility and an excellent infrastructure, is one of the reasons why international companies have established their facilities here.

It is only a short distance from Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol), Port of Rotterdam, Düsseldorf International, Airport Münster-Osnabrück (FMO) and Airport Weeze. The Betuwe Route (freight rail) and the High Speed Line rail links in the east of the country ensures even more efficient transportation.

Plans to develop a rail terminal in the middle of the Arnhem Nijmegen area, are well underway. This terminal creates a direct raillink between the Arnhem Nijmegen area and Eastern Europe. It is evident that the already highly valued logistical attractiveness of this area will improve even further.

Cost effective bulk transport over water, through the Rhine, or an extensive system of canals and waterways, with the Barge Container Terminal in Nijmegen as the largest. Also Combi Terminal Twente B.V. (CTT) in Hengelo and Zuiderzeehaven in Kampen have their own inland terminal.