“Cleaner stalls and healthy animals in intensive livestock farming. Cleaner storage areas for vegetables and fruit, environmentally friendly disinfection: better for people, animals and the environment.”
That is the goal that Agrozone wants to achieve with its new technology.

Agrozone uses an ozonization technique as an environmentally-friendly replacement for poisonous disinfection methods. Currently, many intensive livestock and other farming methods use chemicals such as formaldehyde for cleaning purposes. This is both dangerous for humans and destructive to the environment, leading to heavy pollution. Ozonization has been laboratory proven that this is no longer necessary, and that ozone is a perfect replacement for these poisonous materials. Through mobile units it is possible to apply ozone in a broad variety of agricultural processes. Agrozone is currently carrying out experiments to test if ozone can be used in other applications, such as pest control in grains and bulbs.

Innovation and Investment Fund Gelderland

Oost NL has approved financing through its Innovation and Investment Fund Gelderland so that Agrozone can develop a Mobile Ozonization Unit prototype. Oost NL is also assisting with improving the content-oriented aspects of the project, such as market definition, organization and differentiation.