Broadband Pilots

Glass fiber networks, the fastest form of digital business infrastructure at this moment in the province of Gelderland, is unfortunately not yet available for everyone. This is especially true for smaller business parks that are located in areas far from city centers. The high costs associated with laying of expensive fiber cable for a relatively few connections makes it commercially uninteresting for telecom companies.

Gelderland wants to rectify this situation and has asked Oost NL to help with a solution, namely setting up four broadband pilot programs in the following municipalities:

  • The city of Bronckhorst is now determining what method residents in the more remote areas will be able to receive a fast digital infrastructure;
  • Business owners in the town of Buren have specifically requested glass fiber for their business park, as long as it is offered at reasonable terms;
  • In Harderwijk, where glass fiber now exists, the question is what new services exist as a result;
  • In the region of Arnhem-Nijmegen, public organizations are being researched for innovations that have come about as a result of their glass fiber connections.   

Good Perspectives

Oost NL, through its efforts, has been helping the province of Gelderland to make clear its role in these projects. Eventually the province has chosen for facilitators role as well as marginal financing for the glass fiber networks. This offers a good perspective to the business community in Gelderland that has come to count on an outstanding business infrastructure.