All-in-one digital solutions

Clevertouch Technologies is the market leading solution provider of large format interactive displays, (touch) displays, room booking and digital signage designed to build an ecosystem for education and meeting spaces All solutions are designed around a simplified end user experience.

Clevertouch is a multi-award-winning manufacturer that is now present in 60+ countries with teams based around the world.

Their mission is one brand, one solution for all audio-visual projects.
Clevertouch is furthermore the only manufacturer to develop a large format display that is totally cross-platform compatible, incorporates bi-directional mirroring, 4K resolution, 20-point touch and the fastest and most accurate touch responsiveness over any other comparable screen.

In Apeldoorn, Nick Pietza is Marketing and Sales director Netherlands for Clevertouch B.V.

Apeldoorn - the perfect location

When the search for a new European office started, Nick Pietza, a local resident of the city of Apeldoorn, instantly knew: Apeldoorn is the perfect location for the new European office for Clevertouch B.V!

With currently 6 offices around the globe, Headquarter in the UK and upcoming Brexit, a new office needed to be founded on main land. And although the management team in London was initially looking at larger cities, like Amsterdam or Rotterdam, the main arguments for Apeldoorn were convincing:

  • well connected to all highways, both national as well as international
  • geographical centrally located in The Netherlands
  • easy access to the rest of Europe

That last one was a solid requirement as the complete distribution operations is moving from the UK to the Netherlands. Furthermore, the excellent facilities in the area and quality of living made this environment a solid new base to operate from.

Working in the Netherlands (sector and culture)

Clevertouch is operative in the high tech segment and works in a 2 tier Channel model, meaning working closely with a (AV/IT) reseller network, who in turn advices the Clevertouch solution to their clients.

The main segment is Education (’digibord’) but the Business environment is getting more familiar with other solutions as collaborative working. These developments are taking of, even more now due to Covid-19, now working from home is a big topic (collaborative whiteboarding, Zoom, Teams or other video conferencing platform, sharing document, borderless virtual meetings).

Working with the Invest in Holland Network

In the initial phase of orientation on the Dutch business climate, Clevertouch worked closely with the NFIA and the BOM. That’s when the location Apeldoorn was suggested by Nick Pietza. After establishing the sales office in Apeldoorn, Clevertouch crossed paths with Oost NL. The two parties will certainly stay in touch to see where they can cooperate further. innovation in sustainability, investment and internationalization.

Future plans

On the short term Clevertouch Netherlands will expand the Dutch sales office with the supporting team members. With their highly involved Channel partners Clevertouch is set out to become a top 10 player in the interactive touch display segment within the next 3 years. "The competition is high but with our own R&D, own production facilities, Global powerful sales force and various Technology cooperation's (i.e. Official Zoom Rooms hardware partner, Jabra and Gynzy), we know the level of quality we provide”, followed by Mr. Pietza. "Hence the Multi Awards we have won (Installation Awards, AV Technology Award, BETT, InfoComm)”, he continued.

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