The Center for Medical Imaging (CMI), located in the northeast of the Netherlands, focuses on the development and application of image processing techniques for early diagnosis, intervention and minimal invasive therapies. CMI is located on the campus of the University of Twente.

CMI was established by the Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine (MIRA) at the University of Twente, the University Medical Center Groningen, the University of Groningen and Siemens Netherlands. An increasing number of partners are joining this group, including some 20 companies, Hospital Group Twente, Medical Spectrum Twente and the University Medical Center St. Radboud in Nijmegen.

CMI Medical Tour

Oost NL has been involved with CMI since the beginning, helping to identify and connection regional businesses with this innovative center. This is in line with Oost NL’s mission of economic growth, development, commercialization and internationalization. In 2012 Oost NL, together with CMI and MIRA, conducted a tour through the U.S. This tour offered 25 participants the possibility to observe the latest developments in the area of image processing techniques for diagnosis and treatment. They have gotten to know people from authoritative healthcare institutes in the regions around Chicago and Boston, which will be useful for future research, education and international cooperation.