Monitoring the transmission of fluids or gasses in a laboratory, or even on an industrial scale? Upscaling from an R&D environment to a pilot system more suitable for production instead of always having to design and build custom systems? These are the sort of questions that the Convergence company works to answer together with its clients.

Convergence develops and delivers completely client-defined testing, measuring and monitoring systems for fluids, gasses and membranes. Typical clients are both academic and applied science universities as well as companies. Convergence has developed its “Convergence Inspector” system in order to deliver solutions that are able to be implemented in every system. This helps speed time to market. Convergence takes care of the entire process, from system design and development to production, so that the customer can concentrate in his own business and expertise. Convergence has the hardware and software expertise in-house in order to develop these systems.

Growth and ambition

Oost NL helped Convergence to find an appropriate location in order to find sufficient warehouse, production and office space in order to allow it to grow. Part of this growth strategy was a closer cooperation with the Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the University of Twente, which Oost NL was also able to facilitate.