Distribution centre Sligro

Sligro, market leader in the supply of the catering sector and related companies, bought a new plot of over 4,8 hectares for its new distribution centre at the A1 Business Park Deventer. The sustainable building will become the central point of distribution for the Eastern and Middle Netherlands. Two hundred to two hundred fifty people will work there.

Oost NL made the first contacts with Sligro and advised the company on the best fitting logistic location for the distribution centre. In doing so, jobs in Overijssel are retained and at least sixty extra jobs are created. The building of the new distribution centre means that activities, both of the Sligro branch in Enschede and the Heineken distribution centre in Deventer, are moved to Deventer. With the Deventer location, Sligro is in the heart of its supply area and better equipped to optimally service its customers, ultimately contributing to a more efficient throughput and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Sligro needs the new distribution centre to better cope with its growth in this region and to embed the catering sector’s supply for Heineken into the logistic process. Now, their clients and Heineken’s clients in the Eastern and Middle Netherlands can be serviced even better.

The new distribution centre is being build according to the newest standard in logistics and satisfies all modern demands concerning sustainability. Ambitions are high. Sligro aspires to a building that meets the BREEAM-standard Excellent, or Outstanding.