A self-flying crop duster that can operate 24/7. That’s the Drone4Agro. The drone is two-meters long, has eight rotors, flies on electric charge, and can carry up to 150 kg in spraying machinery. The relatively large lift capacity of the Drone4Agro makes it suitable for additional tasks outside of spraying crops, such as passenger service, surveillance and fire fighting.

The Drone4Agro was developed by the entrepreneur and inventor ir. Winfried Rijssenbeek together with the Osse Equipment Manufacturing Group through its machining factory Boessenkool in Almelo.

Oost NL supported the Drone4Agro project through giving feedback and adding value during the business case phase, making connections to the Boessenkool factory, and helping to find technology and market partners in East Netherlands. The Drone4Agro project has been financed through the EU regional development program EFRD.


Oost NL has more ‘drone projects’ in its portfolio. In our role as co-developer of the INTERREG VA project SPECTORS, we’ve facilitated some 20 Dutch and German companies in developing and testing some 11 new products. One of these projects dealt with testing new sensor technologies that allows drones to do on-site inspections of large infrastructure, such as windmills and bridges, as well as geo-information and agriculture.

Space53 is a location with national reach for testing, training and developing unmanned systems, whether on land, in the air or on water. Space53 contains a full-service airport, a safety campus and specially-designed exterior and interior facilities, supported by large and small systems, for research and testing. Oost NL was a partner in the start-up phase and various innovation projects.