Eastern Fisheries

Eastern Fisheries, Inc., headquartered in New Bedford, Massachusetts (US), has announced the opening of its sixth production location to support its worldwide network.

The new production location offers 2,000 m2 of support and service to the European customers of Eastern Fisheries and will be located in Staphorst, East Netherlands. The focus of the new location is on sales and distribution of scallops and live lobsters. The Staphorst location is equipped with a 500-ton deep freeze storage capacity and a tank with room for 10 tons of live lobsters.

“The arrival of Eastern Fisheries in Overijssel is important for the development of our regional economy and for giving our local job market a boost. In addition, it provides a potential partner for local suppliers. I wish Eastern Fisheries a successful future here with us in the province of Overijssel,” stated Eddy van Hijum, Representative for Economic Affairs, Province of Overijssel.

Location choice

Eastern Fisheries already has some 25 employees in the Netherlands and is counting on additional growth. The choice of location was made possible by the intense cooperation of Oost NL and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, which was acting as an agent of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.