There exists a strong need for an increase in sustainability in agriculture and surrounding environment, especially in regards to heat storage systems. Technology available currently only allows for storage for short periods and is further not economically feasible. The Ecovat energy storage system works via an innovative principle: affordable thermal energy storage that spans over seasons. At the juncture of agro-food, sustainable energy and the residential construction industry, Ecovat is the so-called “missing link.”

In close cooperation with the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the independent research and technology organization VITO (Antwerp), Ecovat developed an operating system which is coupled with sustainable energy sources, such as solar and wind, and the electric power grid and other storage systems in the form of batteries. The Ecovat Total Energy System functions as a “net-balancing system.” It is possible to implement this system for a variety of applications, such as residential areas, back-ups for heat exchanges, industrial heat applications, storage for residual heat, greenhouses, industrial cooling and refrigeration, among many others.

Running start

With the support of the Oost NL departments Investment Promotion, Development and Innovation and Capital, Ecovat was able to get a running start in East Netherlands. The new activities have resulted in 25 new jobs and have attracted investments of roughly a half-million Euros. In addition, Oost NL introduced Ecovat to potential partners, such as Innofase Duiven, IPKW Arnhem, Bergerden greenhouse region, and the AKZO industry location Hengelo.