A revolution is taking place among airline food packaging. The Wageningen company Foodcase has developed a new innovation that doesn’t require that airline food be first stored in cooled environments, and the heating time is also substantially reduced. Lastly, the foil cover can be easily removed by the passenger.

“The problem with foil covers is that after heating they cling pretty hard to the packaging. Having a hot item prone to spillage with a difficult to remove seal is the last thing you want on your lap. Our specially designed foil is in multiple layers, and is far easier to remove,” stated Foodcase director Wilbert de Louw.

Packaging and transporting food products under exceptional circumstances, such as in the airline industry or in healthcare, is Foodcase’s specialty.

“You’ve got to adhere to certain criteria, least of all being that the food is tasty,” says director de Louw. “We can provide for the entire value chain, because we also research the properties of the ingredients.”

Investing in Innovation

In order to develop this special foil, Foodcase received an innovation credit from Oost NL through the subsidy Gelderland For Innovations. Oost NL frequently extends financing to innovative small and medium-sized companies that wish to rapidly develop a competitive advantage.