Good Growing Solutions

Good Growing Solutions (GGS) has a new branch in Europe, founded by leading international businessmen from Australia, South Africa and the Netherlands. GGS concentrates on the development and marketing of, and the investment in technologies of the Food sector, especially regarding growth and quality optimization, with a clear focus on the production of healthy food, water conservation and CO2 reduction.

GGS BV’s headquarters is located in Almelo, with subsidiary branches in Perth and Pretoria. Oost NL assisted GGS in deciding upon the company location, the founding the BV and Holding, and the working permit trajectories. Next to this, Oost NL supported GGS in making valuable contacts.

GGS focuses on food safety and the optimization of the nutritional value of products, on water conservation, CO2 reduction and reducing energy use. The largest part of the research takes place in the Eastern Netherlands. Next to this, GGS supports South African companies in the expansion to Europe, and also draws the attention of South African counterparts to Dutch products and technologies. In the coming years, GGS estimates to grow to dozens of employees.


The collaboration with Oost NL led GGS to put Oost NL in contact with various South African Agri-Food and technology businesses, from which several founding and technology matchmaking projects were started that are supported by both Oost NL and NFIA. For example, the technology from the Wageningen-based Micreos was brought to attention in South Africa, from which a collaboration evolved with a South African counterpart.