Granch Biopack

Granch Biopack is dedicated to environmentally-friendly packaging products. Its parent company, Hubei Guancheng Biodegradable Plastic Product Co., Ltd., located in Wuhan (PRC), sees locating in East Netherlands as an important step in further expanding their business activities and research.

One of the first steps in establishing in the region was for this environmentally-friendly packaging company to seek a cooperative relationship with a bioplastic specialist from the Wageningen University Research Center.

They chose as the location for their European head office the WTC in Arnhem, from which they expect to expand their interaction with the Dutch business community.

The network of the parent company, which is an innovative producer of bio-plastic packaging, is quite large, both inside and outside of China.

They offer access to this network to Dutch businesses that may be interested in introducing their own bio-plastic packaging and bio-foams in China. Practically seen, Granch Biopack Europe is actively searching joint venture partners.

Sister cities

The Chinese province Hubei and city Wuhan (sister region and city, respectively, of Gelderland and Arnhem), have played an important role in Granch Biopack’s investment in East Netherlands.

Chinese investors and business people were encouraged by their governments to invest in and work together with their corresponding equivalents in the Netherlands.

Oost NL supported Granch Biopack in finding a suitable location, to bring it in contact with local specialists, and help in choosing the right legal form of business.