Due to rapid global population growth, there will be an increasing demand for food as well as safe and healthy food products. The GreenFood50 BV company from Wageningen answers this demand with its portfolio of natural food ingredients.

GreenFood50 will launch its freeze-dried acai berry and acerola cherry ingredients from Brazil into the European market in the first quarter of 2015. GreenFood50 found the strategic partner for these product launches during a matchmaking session in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In addition, GreenFood50 introduced, at the end of 2014 during Food Valley Expo 2014, a whole grain quinoa that is devoid of the typical bitter ingredient (saponin) that is normally associated with this product. What is interesting about this launch is that even though the grain variant was developed in the Netherlands at the University of Wageningen, GreenFood50 discovered it in the South American country of Chile. GreenFood50 reintroduced it to Europe by striking a partnership with the NorthWest European Quinoa Growers Association, with whom they are also working to further commercialize the ingredient. Whole grain quinoa is used, for example, at the Top Sport restaurant in Papendal in an “athlete salad” that was developed by the celebrity chef Erik te Velthuis and as a side serving with entree dishes.    

Feeding the planet

The contacts that GreenFood50 made in Brazil and Chile were made during trade missions to these countries that was organized by Oost NL in association with the Feeding the Planet project. The goal of this project was to support small and medium enterprises as well as startups in doing business outside of Europe. Oost NL has worked with partners for similar missions in Italy (Lombardy) and France (Languedoc Roussillon).