Laser scanners are the future for the new generation of laser printers. Lighter, quieter and twice as fast as the current generation. Laser scanners have been made possible by a patented process by the Nijmegen startup company Innoluce.

Innoluce has developed an innovative Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) mirror technology platform for miniature laser scanners. In addition, they can be used in a variety of applications, such as barcode scanners, laster diagnosis technique for the medical industry, and in the automotive industry.

“Our technology makes the mirrors smaller, more precise and faster,” states Marijn van Os, the CEO of Innoluce.

The development of new mirror technology is capital intensive. Innoluce approached the Oost NL for information regarding their Innovation and Investing Subsidy Gelderland.

“In the Netherlands there are few parties that are willing to substantially invest alone in a startup in a high-tech industry,” says van Os. “This means you must approach multiple parties in order to acquire sufficient financing for development. When other parties saw that Oost NL had committed to our plans, they were far more willing to come to the table to discuss participation.”

Investing in financing plans

Major developments in high-tech require substantial investment. Oost NL has both the network and the know-how to support companies in their quest to obtain large financing plans.