One of the challenges in efficiently loading freight trucks and warehouses is knowing exactly what size pallets are necessary for a particular load. It is now possible to do so much more efficiently thanks to PalletCube, an innovation developed by the company Logitrade, based in Rossum.

PalletCube begins with the use of 3 cameras, which measure the exact length, height, width, volume and surface area of a load.

“This not only tells us exactly what pallets are necessary in the freight truck, it also tells us what incoming pallets will fit most efficiently in which location in the warehouse,” says director Pieter Mäkel of Logitrade.

Logitrade exists for some time as a system integrator in logistic systems. For the development of the PalletCube, Logitrade needed extra financing. Oost NL supported the development of PalletCube with extra financing from the Innovation Credit subsidy Gelderland for Innovations.

Mäkel, “The financing from Oost NL allowed us to innovate and to give the project an extra boost. This resulted directly in the sales of the first models of PalletCube.”

Investment in opportunities

Oost NL supports regional businesses from its Gelderland For Innovations fund, providing they through good planning, will seize opportunities in the market.