Innovation in infusion management, in-vitro diagnostics and rehabilitation care

Founded in Shenzen, China, as an "integrated perioperative solutions provider" in 2011, Medcaptain Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Medcaptain for short) is dedicated to innovation in the fields of Infusion Management, In-Vitro Diagnostics, and Rehabilitation Care. Medcaptain Europe (currently established in Andelst, East Netherlands, and former distributor of Medcaptain’s solutions) has become part of Medcaptain Medical Technology in 2016. Jürgen Reimer, CEO of Medcaptain Europe, has a background in hospital management, and is the only non-Chinese member of the management of Medcaptain.

Medcaptain Europe – Hub for Europe

From their location in Andelst, Medcaptain Europe assembles the devices and takes care of quality control before the products are shipped to clients all over Europe. Jürgen Reimer is furthermore responsible for the innovation part and seeks for innovations to integrate in Medcaptain’s solutions. Medcaptain Europe also provides trainings for its clients.

Easy access to East Netherlands

With 4 airports nearby (Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Weeze and Amsterdam Schiphol) Andelst is easy to reach, also by train from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Many clients who come for trainings use this transport satisfactorily.

Safe living and working environment

Jürgen Reimer explained that the Chinese management of Medcaptain was at first skeptical about storing valuable products in Andelst. “But after two years they understand that East Netherlands is perfectly safe, with very low crime rates, so we have multiplied our storage capacity.”

Directness of Dutch people

At first, people from Medcaptain in Shenzen had to get used to the Dutch way of working. Jürgen laughs: “they were very surprised when I asked direct questions, also to people from R&D and when I wanted them to put clients first.” In the past 2 years mutual understanding has grown and adaptations were made regarding the way of working, which were beneficial for the whole company.

Expansions and collaborations

Jürgen foresees further growth of Medcaptain’s market share and further collaborations with other European companies. For innovations and R&D Medcaptain is also looking for collaborations with universities. They hope, with the team growing, there will be more room to set up structural cooperation with schools for internships.