Micreos is a Dutch biotechnology firm. Our main activity is developing bacteriophage products. Phages are bacteria's natural enemy and the products we develop are specifically aimed at fighting bacteria in all sorts of places. That can be on a human body, within the food chain, in diseases, you name it. But there are also good bacteria in the same spots and we want those to remain unaffected. The technology to do that well has only recently become available.

How about the Micreos company growth?

“We started in the city of Wageningen in 2006. Back then we only had one room. In the meantime we’ve taken over the entire floor and we're now expanding to another building. Nowadays, we have 25 people working here and a number of people in Switzerland. We've become technology leader and that's how we’re perceived in the market. We currently work with the largest pharmacy and food companies.

Why did you choose Wageningen for your establishment?

“We deliberately chose Wageningen because of its infrastructure. That was five years ago. Of course, we're dependent on the right know-how, being a knowledge institute. We’ve discovered interesting ambassador-like programs through Oost NL, and also Food Valley. These are programs in which the best students could find their way to innovative new companies such as ours. Many of our future employees joined us in that way.

What role did Oost NL play for Micreos?

“First of all Oost NL stimulated us to come here because we didn't know that much about the infrastructure here. Oost NL has been a consistent partner in business over the past five years. They’ve brought our attention to many opportunities over the years, including large subsidy programs and international opportunities. Our contact with them has been tremendously rewarding .”

What will your future look like?

“Our most obvious contribution to this region is that we offer jobs to people because we are currently working with a platform technology that has drawn international attention. That's attracting many people from all over the country – and abroad – leading to seminars, people sharing their know-how and international programs. You can currently see those developments taking place and increasing. In that respect Micreos absolutely contributes to current developments.

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