Milk by Ship

MilkWays develops maritime supply chains that make it possible to transport milk, in large quantities, over the entire world. This enables large dairy companies to efficiently transport fresh milk to parts of the world where milk cannot be sustainably produced. This had been done in the past, but through processing fresh milk into powder. This process costs time, energy and other resources. MilkWays has found a way to use technology from the Netherlands to feed a growing world population.

The method that MilkWays had designed is now preparing for a pilot phase, in which their self-developed loading system is being tested, using an actual ship and large volumes of milk. There is a great deal of international interest in this project. 

StartLife and Oost NL

Oost NL and StartLife, a private support organization for start-ups in Agro-Food, have worked together to support and finance the beginning phase of MilkWays. Oost NL managed the funding, using financing obtained through the Gelderland voor Innovaties (GVI) fund. MilkWays has used this support as a jumpstart to secure larger funding resources through the EU subsidy program Horizon 2020, which will support the pilot project.