Mindray is a leading medical devices manufacturer based in China. We established in 1991. After 20 years of innovation activities we’ve become a very important manufacturer not only in China, but globally. Mindray has 21 subsidiaries all over the world and more than 6700 employees. Nowadays we have 3 major product-lines; patiënt-monitoring and life support, medical imaging systems and in-vitro diagnostics. With a turnover of more than 881 million US dollars Mindray has become the largest manufacturer of medical devices in China.

Mindray is a global company. What are the main activities of Mindray Europe?

“Mindray Europe is based in Hoevelaken, the Netherlands. Despite the fact that Mindray Medical is a large, global company, we work closely with our customers. We work locally. Therefore, the Dutch establishment has multiple functions, such as sales-, service- and support functions. In Hoevelaken we’ve set up a logistic center to support our whole European business including Eastern-Europe. So basically we support more than 30 countries from the Netherlands.”

I think it’s quite unique that Oost NL even send us a Chinese speaking contactperson who could really help us adapt.

Why did Mindray choose Holland for the establishing of its European headquarters?

“In 2008 Mindray acquired Datascope. Because of that reason Mindray moved part of it’s organisation to Europe. The reason for establishing in Hoevelaken, the Netherlands is that we find logistic support in the form of Schiphol airport, and also the seaport over here. That makes it easy to link all transport activities.”

What problems did Mindray encouter in the adaptation to the European market?

“Being a Chinese company, new in the Dutch business, we needed a lot of help. We needed to adapt from a Chinese culture into a western culture and also needed to understand more about the Dutch culture specifically. Oost NL helped us a lot in making this happen. They made us really understand how Dutch people are thinking in various circumstances. At the same time they helped us in finding business-partners and in adapting to the industry over here. This gave us the right tools to build up our project here in the Netherlands and to work closely with local partners to develop new products. I think it’s quite unique that Oost NL even send us a Chinese speaking contactperson who could really help us adapt.”

How do you see the future for Mindray Medical in Europe?

“Mindray has a very good advantage in its product price and performance. We keep investing in Europe, and we will see in the future if our business over here can be over 100 million or even 500 million US Dollars. That’s our target we’d like to achieve in the next 5 or 10 years. Our growth is based on our innovations, so we keep investing 10% of our yearly revenue into our R&D.”

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